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Coily Blogs


Welcome to our network of blogs.  Coily blogs were created to provide our community a chance to read and discuss hot topics that affect our natural coily selves.

Coily Thoughts

Coily Thoughts is the voice of our founder Dr. Myiesha Taylor.  Dr. Taylor uses Coily Thoughts to stimulate discussions with our readers on issues that affect a woman's health, beauty, family and spiritual being.  She strongly believes that the sharing of information and informative discussions allow us to move forward and grow.  So check in with your favorite Doctor each week and be part of this discussion about being our authentic, healthy, beautiful, coily selves.

Coily News

Coily News is your place to find out the latest headlines (and our often blunt opinion) regarding our beauty and health.  Each day Coily News brings you a quick recap of interesting stories that most mainstream media will be unlikely to report.  We hope you will find these recaps and opinions as food for thought in our efforts to better our communities, families and lives. 

An Ethiopian Adoption Story

Ethiopian Adoption Story is our story of adopting our youngest child from Ethiopia.  If you have ever thought of adopting a child from Ethiopia this blog will provide you with an overview of the necessary steps, and the not so expected road bumps, to complete the entire adoption process.  We hope that all of our readers will find this blog as an inspiration to make our world a better place.