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Cleveland Natural Hair Group WINKK Gets Love From Local TV

We love coming across stories that highlight the positives of going natural.  Today we share a story from Cleveland, Ohio by NBC affiliate WKYC Channel 3 that highlighted the efforts of the women behind the natural hair support group Women In Natural Kinks and Kurls (WINKK).

Here is just a taste from the WKYC story:

“Courtney Cave is cutting off her chemically treated, straightened hair, leaving only natural curl.

"I had relaxed my hair and colored my hair. Some of it started falling out. I have so many women saying they wish their mother did not give them a relaxer at age 3 or 4," she said.

Marla-Lynn Green specializes in helping African American women find styles that embrace their hair's natural texture.

They never knew how beautiful their own hair was because they were taught to have it straightened out.

"I think you do feel pressure by society to wear your hair straight, especially in professional environment to where you want to fit in," she said.”

You can read and view the story by following the link to WKYCs site.  Thanks to the wonderful 120 plus women in WINKK for pushing a positive story about our natural hair.