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Maine Moms Renew Fight To Ban BPA From Baby Food Containers.

Moms in Maine are upset and they have decided they are going to force a change in regulations to ensure that their children are not exposed to BPA via food containers.  At a rally yesterday moms and grandmothers kicked off a signature collection campaign that will force Maine’s Board of Environmental Protection to consider a new rule to eliminate BPA from containers used for the sale of infant formula, baby and toddler foods.

“Would any parent knowingly feed our child meals containing BPA? Of course not,” stated Megan Rice, a mother of two from the town of China and spokesperson for Mainely Moms and Dads, a local parents group. “But the shocking truth is that BPA is in foods made specifically for babies and toddlers. To protect our kids it’s time to get this dangerous and unnecessary chemical out of the foods our children eat.”

The campaign is being coordinated by the Alliance For A Clean And Healthy Maine.  Since our national government continues to take little action against toxic chemicals such as BPA, it will be state and local efforts such as this that will be responsible for forcing corporations to drop BPA from their food products.

You can read the entire press release by following the link.  We close by thanking all of those in Maine involved in this effort to protect our children from BPA exposure.  We look forward to writing updates on their efforts to win this fight.

Northern Kentucky University Shines Spotlight On Our Natural Hair.

The independent student newspaper of Northern Kentucky University, The Northerner, has a great story about a recent panel discussion regarding our hair.

"The panel discussion consisted of several natural women, from NKU students and professors, to a natural hair stylist, mothers and Hurst herself. Each member of the panel discussed their individual journeys in choosing to go natural and what it was like after they did.

The stories ranged form humorous to heartbreaking. One woman says she went natural after being diagnosed with lupus. A mother did it to show her children that it was okay to have “nappy” hair.
Junior visual arts major Casey Stokes said that she noticed a lot of college girls wearing their hair natural, and started to associate it with college educated women. Stokes cut her relaxed hair off near the end of her senior year of high school. She recalled that when she stepped into school, boys didn’t want to talk to her and girls asked her why she would do such a thing.  “I felt more confident.” said Stokes.

Others on the panel had similar experiences after their “big chop.” They claimed that people would stare or get comments from other black women, saying that they looked bad or less pretty. A few were even asked if they had “turned lesbian”. It was, however, in agreement between all participants that going natural gave each woman more self confidence — they felt liberated. The group discovered natural hair to be easier the take care of, calling it “wash and go” hair.

We love these stories and appreciate that they help foster the discussion about embracing our natural coils.  Please read and share this story with family and friends.

You can read the entire story by following the link to The Northerner.

US Department Of Agriculture Issues Report Stating That French Ban On BPA Will Hurt US Exports Of Foods To France. Yet No Mention On How BPA Can Hurt People.

Food Production Daily has a story out today reporting on the release of a report by the Unites States Department of Agriculture on the upcoming Bisphenol-A ban in food packaging adopted by France.  Anyone want to offer a guess what the US Department of Agriculture’s view was?  Of course they felt it would potentially hurt American companies and will likely “jeopardize” exports.  Or in simpler terms it means it will hurt corporate profits.

First we are disappointed by this report to say the least. When you add this report to the dragging of the feet on both the ruling on banning BPA in some products and the proposed "chemicals of concern" list proposed by the EPA you start to see just how sad this all is.

This report demonstrates just how much influence these mega corporations have in public policy.  It is amazing how far our government seems willing to go to protect their profits over consumer health and safety.  Everyday more and more studies are being published in legitimate medical and science journals that demonstrate growing evidence of the health risks we face with exposure to BPA.  Yet nothing is done by our government.

The story though also demonstrates that corporations are playing a game with consumers.  As the Food Production Daily story attacks the French BPA ban as harmful to US food exports, it also slips in the following:

“However, supporters of the bill say that a ban on BPA food packaging could actually provide some market opportunities to innovate US companies.

Several US companies, including ConAgra, Heinz, General Mills and Nestle, have begun removing BPA from their food packaging.”

You see they are already moving forward with finding something else to use instead of BPA.  Yet they are spending millions of dollars on lobbyist in Washington, D.C. to try and stop the adoption of any regulation by the EPA or FDA that would mandate it.

We will state one more time that it is time for action.  Look, China has adopted a ban on BPA in certain consumer products.  When China can admit that there is a health problem with BPA and adopt a ban, then we are truly behind on this issue.

You can read the entire story at Food Production Daily by following the link.

Casting Call For New Reality Show Focused On Women In African American Church Communities Demonstrates The Continued Desire Of Hollywood To Make Money Off The Stereotyping Of African Americans.

We read a quick blurb last week about the potential for a new reality TV program that would be based on African American women who are active in their church.  The new proposed program was described as a “Real Housewives” of the Church.  Uh-oh we thought.

Now we see that our “Uh-Oh” is exactly right.  A “Casting Call” has been posted by Gigantic! Productions for this program and here is what they say they are looking for:

“Now from Emmy-award winning producers, Gigantic! Productions, comes a new documentary series on women in African-American church communities. Are you highly involved in your church by day, but hell bent on having fun at night? Are you and your friends extraordinary people with big personalities? Tell us why you deserve your own series. Send photos and stories to CASTING at GIGANTIC dot TV.”

It seems they want to build on the money making programming model of portraying African American women as being over the top and crazy.  Do we really need another woman of color on a reality program who is constantly acting like NeNe Leakes?  Especially women who are supposedly active in the Church?  We don’t think so.

In addition just who is Gigantic! Productions and who in their production staff understands the community they are attempting to capture in this program?  When we view their website we see programs such as “I’m Addicted To Crystal Meth”, “I’m A Compulsive Shopper”, “I’m Going To Rehab”, “I’m Getting Breast Implants” and others that make us wonder if they should be associated with the type of program they are proposing here.  You add this programming history to their call for women who are “Hell bent” on partying and you see what they are really trying to do.  We don’t care how many awards Gigantic! Productions have won because that does not mean they are the right production company to attempt this type of program.

The other part of this discussion is comparing the “buzz” for this new spin on crazy African American women and the lack of anyone in the entertainment industry willing to fund an uplifting movie like Red Tails.  Why is that?  In the recent Oprah interview with George Lucas (producer of Red Tails) he expressed that the studios turned down Red Tails because they “didn’t know how to market it”.  But it seems they have figured out how to market to America the stereotype of the crazy and angry black woman.  At some point it is upon us to reject these efforts by so called entertainment production companies to come into the community and continue to exploit us for their gain.

Unfortunately we know that there are many women who will jump at the first opportunity to be a part of the initial cast for this program.  They will somehow justify their ego driven efforts to be on the program as a way to help “preach the word”.  They will allow themselves to act crazy and be over the top for ratings.  But all of that does not mean we have to watch it.

To be completely honest we hope that the program never gets aired on any channel.  We hope that this is a big bust and production companies such as Gigantic! Productions never ever try to do something like this again.

You can view the “casting call” by following this link.  You can view Gigantic! Productions website by following this link.

Hamilton College Hosts Panel Discussion On Hair And Self-Expression.

For those of you who live near Hamilton College in Clinton, New York you may want to catch an upcoming panel discussion about our natural coils that is being held as part of the College’s Black History Month celebration.  Here is the information you need to know:

Deep Roots: A Panel Discussion on Hair with Dr. Noliwe Rooks, will take place on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 7 p.m, in the Red Pit, KJ.  Rooks is associate director of the Center for African American Studies at Princeton and author of Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture and African American Women (1996).

You can read the media release by Hamilton College by following the link.