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My Path. My Life.

“Why can’t the Universe (or whatever) just *tell* me already what to do, show me my path clearly already? Why must everything appear riddle-like - listening to signs, attempting to interpret obscure cues, and pulling our hair out deciphering our ‘feelings’ and such, just so we can travel in the direction that we are supposed to travel?!”

Sometimes I think, it’s all a part of the “game” of life. We came here to ‘play the human game’ on Earth for awhile.


But then I think harder (deciphering the riddle) and I begin to feel like I understand things a little better. We are not here to walk any *particular* predetermined path. Whatever path we end up walking (at the end of our human lives as we look back…*that* path!) allowed us to experience being human. The entire path. Not just the end. We mistake ‘a path’ as a means to a destination. If we are able to change that thinking and realize that the life ‘path’ IS the experience…and does not LEAD to the experience…then it’s easier to appreciate that it’s not a riddle. Riddles have a ‘solution’. Life (and choosing a path) does not have a ‘solution.’ There are no ‘wrong’ or ‘extraneous/unnecessary’ components of our life journey. They are all, in themselves, the destination (so to speak).


We often use the term ‘life path’ to connote all the elements of our journey. And when we are not having the experience we want, it’s “easy” for our human brain (with its intellectual limitations) to ‘understand’ that “we are on the wrong path.” Really, what’s happening is you’re having an experience as a human, as a part of being human. And having this experience is: 1) divinely intertwined with everyone else’s experience (allowing *them* to have *their* experience too) – so it’s bigger than you in ways you can’t understand. 2) And having this experience is allowing you to (humanly) acquire a skill, learn a thing, feel an emotion so you can understand a situation, which is necessary to subsequently experience another thing. And these sequential experiences come across to us retrospectively as ‘signs’, ‘cues’, and as being unclear (until enough of these experiences have been experienced to clarify).


A common “mistake” is to misinterpret singular events in our life as a ‘sign’ as in ‘something to provide direction in our lives’. It’s not a ‘sign’ but rather ‘preparation’ for what is to come. An experience (or lesson of sorts) to teach us…perhaps to refocus and make a different choice.


This is not to be confused with being quiet, looking within, self-reflecting, and using that feeling (or inner-voice, or intuition) to help guide us to create the experiences (therefore LIFE, with its associated feelings) we feel we want. You are not a passive participant in your life. And your true “signs” come from YOU and your inner-voice being heard at key times in your life experiences. A friends insightful words spoken in a way at a ‘perfect’ time in your life, may seem like a ‘sign’ (and really, as I said, it’s easier for us to ‘understand’ it that way) – but really, its YOU HEARING the message at a time when you’re ready to hear the message (after you’ve experienced the prerequisite experiences that would result in your ability to USE the information that your friend gave you to help continue creating the life you desire.


It seems complicated, and unnecessarily ‘difficult’, this whole – lessons, signs (but not signs), thing. Why can’t we just HAVE the life we want? Because, we only *think* (again, in our limited human intellectual abilities) we know what we want. How many times are we wrong about what we want? So, in order to be happy, we have to have the ability to remove our own minds/rationalizations/limitations from the equation. And that’s the easiest thing to do, actually. But it’s also the most difficult thing to do. To use our brains for learning the practical stuff (integrating into a society and the rules in so doing), but let our experiences come to us, and appreciate them, and “learn” from them, and allow the next one to come. Paying attention to what *feels* good, what makes us feel loved, peaceful, happy, and everything good. And do more of that (using our cognition to navigate society to aid in creating these feel-good experiences).


So remember, you’re not looking for “signs” in the world to ‘point you the way’ to your bliss. This is misguided, and only leads to frustration. Humans are not using their gifts well (and we mix up the purpose of our mind with the purpose of our intuition/inner-voice) Outward events are just that – experiences (learning opportunities) to help our human selves develop/learn (or possibly participate in someone else’s learning) so that we might be ‘ready’ for the next experience…and so forth and so on. And collectively, these experiences equal our human life.


You’re looking for ‘signs’ from within. You’re using your own inner-spirit to SEE and HEAR stuff that’s out in the world. And in hearing and seeing these things (that are already OUT there) you have your ‘sign.’ A subtle distinction in practice, perhaps…but a huge difference nonetheless. By silencing your mind, and using your inner-voice/intuition, you can see the stuff you want to see. The stuff you want to see (as it lives in your heart) begins to appear…and the appearance of that stuff creates your life experiences


This is how you create the life you want.