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Ethiopian Adoption Experience Survery

Coily Embrace is proud to announce our sponsorship of a new annual survey of families that are on their own "Ethiopian Adoption" journey.  When we began our own adoption journey in 2008, one of the biggest difficulties that we faced was putting together all the pieces that were necessary to complete it.  This complex adoption process lead to the creation of our blog Ethiopian Adoption Story as a way to record and share our experiences with those that would follow with their own adoption journey. 

The goal of the survey is to capture the experiences of families as they dealt with subject areas such as choosing their adoption agency, selecting a home study course, navigating background checks, making travel arrangements, interacting with the U.S. Embassy and how they addressed new issues that arose when they returned home from Ethiopia.  It is our hope that over time the results of this annual survey will help families learn from those that went through the process before them.  In addition we hope that this will become a tool to help hold those private and government agencies that are part of this journey accountable to the children being adopted and their adoptive families.  We know that there are many of you who feel like we do that the process has many bumps that can and should be smoothed out.

Finally we want to share with you that our commitment to this survey is long-term.  We have decided that as part of National Adoption Month we will the results of the survey on November 1 of each year.  In addition we will commit advertising resources to promoting the survey to help ensure that we receive information from as many families as possible.

We hope that you will take the time to complete this survey and share your thoughts on your experiences.  If you should have any suggestions and/or questions please feel free to email us at admin@coillyembrace.com.


Myiesha Taylor, M.D.


Thank you for participating in our survey regarding your Ethiopian Adoption journey. The information you provide will enable us to share our collective experiences with others to help them on their own adoption journey. 

Coily Embrace will not be able to personally identify you by the information you provide in your responses to this survey.

Once again, thank you for participating in this survey.

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