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Beautiful Me

Beautiful (byoo’-tuh-fuhl): excellent of its kind.

But what is beautiful?

It is embracing our greatness and oneness with Divineness

And using that knowledge to promote peace and kindness.

Being organic, authentic and true to our own Self,

Begins deep in our own hearts, into which we must delve.

Being able to live in true joy, peace, love, and health

is the ultimate definition of really having wealth.

Focusing within is critically essential

To be prosperous, fulfilled, and live our full potential.

Beauty is being excellent, as all of us were created to be

Ignoring what others think, or say, or feel they need to see.

As you embrace your natural beauty you will come to realize

That you are truly liberated, and what a wonderful prize.

In this section Coily Embrace offers readers the opportunity to explore ourselves.   A place dedicated to diving into our souls and finding our internal beauty. A place where we can begin to understand who we truly are and what we need to do to bring that internal beauty to the world.

Coming of Age

The Coming of Age pages provides our teenage readers with words wisdom based on the life experiences of those that came before us.  Those pieces of wisdom that were once passed down generation to generation to help young ladies come of age.  We share thoughts that were passed on to us from generations pass to address issues of relationships, popularity, school and peer pressure.  Life is not a fairytale and our younger generations deserve an honest conversation regarding the issues they face growing up.

Organic Life

USDA Organic

The Organic Life section is committed to informing readers on the positive lifestyle changes that come with switching to organic foods and products.  We are constantly blogging in Coily News regarding the number of hazardous ingredients in our hair and beauty products that contain ingredients that we should all avoid.  Organic Life takes us to the next steps and focuses on why choosing organic foods and products are an important step in helping us maintain our beauty inside and out.  We hope this section will help answer your question about going organic.


The Relationships section of Coily Embrace is more than meets the eye.  Most sites focus on the obvious relationships issues between men and women.  We will touch on this age old discussion but we will not stop there.  Our lives are full of relationships that touch our us each day.  Our mothers, fathers and siblings can have just as much, if not more, influence on our daily lives than the people we are dating/married to.  Her is our chance to explore those other relationships and discuss how we can make them work in our lives.  Sometimes that will not be pretty and will cause us pain.  But to move ourselves forward we must understand those relationships and understand how the help or hurt us from moving forward in our lives.

Beautiful Me is an opportunity to share and discuss who we are on the inside.  By embracing those discussion we can help achieve the beauty we seek on the inside.