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Beautiful Body

How many times do we look in the mirror each day and wonder to ourselves are we pretty?  We spend many hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in our life time trying to reach and/or maintain what we believe is beauty.  This means our hair, our face and our bodies.

To achieve this we search for the perfect beauty and hair products.  We try different hair styles.  We exercise.  We diet. We try to stay up on the current healthy living ideas and practices.  All in the name of beauty.

But at what price for beauty?  Are the products we use each day safe?  Where do I find the information that I need to answer this and other questions?  Don't worry we are here to help.

Beautiful Body is the section of Coily Embrace setup to discuss and share information that you seek on our hair, our body and our beauty.

Beautiful Hair

Good hair?  Bad hair?  We say our natural hair is the beautiful hair God intended for us.  We love our natural coils.  We embrace them and promote them. 

Sceene From Chris Rock's Good Hair

We know many women who want to go natural but are not sure where to start.  Big chop?  What product will I use?  How will I style it?  We are here to help.

The Beautiful Hair section of Coily Embrace is the place to visit to find out about the beauty that is our natural hair.  Want to know what type of curl you have?  Visit our Classify Your Coils page.  Not sure what products to use for your hair and body?  We have some suggestions at our Products Review page.

We will be bringing on new pages with new information on our hair as we move forward. 

Our Toxic World

Not everything in the world of beauty is beautiful.  In fact, there is nothing beautiful about hair and cosmetic products that cause illness.  As a physician I am concerned about many of the ingredients in the hair and cosmetic products that we use each day.  We believe if it is sold at Macy's, Target or our favorite beauty supply shop that it must be safe.  Due to the lack of oversight of hair and cosmetic products by our government, most women have no idea of the health risks associated with the ingredients used to make their favorite products. 

The Our Toxic World section of Beautiful Body is our effort to educate women on the risks associated with these products.  You can learn about Toxicology and Cosmetics, Hormone Disruptors and Ingredients To Avoid.  These sections will be updated regularly to ensure the most recent information.  In addition additional subject area specific pages will be added to help provide our readers with the information they need to know to make an informed decision about the products they buy and use.

We hope that you will find Coily Embrace's Beautiful Body sections helpful.  If there is a subject area that you do not see covered at this point in time that you believe needs to be covered by Coily Embrace please send us an email