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Classify your curl

Hair typing is a tool that many use to help classify the various types of curl and wave patterns that exist.  Being familiar with this system helps to put information, notes, advice, and experiences into perspective.  This system allows us to assess information for relevance to a specific hair-type.


Type 1 Hair:  is straight hair.  Has no curl or wave pattern whatsoever. 

Example:  Lucy Liu

Type 1b Hair:  is essentially straight, but has a very slight bend

Example:  Kim Kardashian

Type 1c hair:  has a very lose wave pattern

Example:  Jennifer Aniston

Type 2a hair:  has a definite wave pattern, but it is still quite loose.

Example:  Vanessa Hudgens

Type 2b hair:  has an loose S pattern.

Example:  Rozonda Thomas (Chilli)

Type 2c hair: Has a tighter S pattern and/or a loose coily pattern

Example:  Julia Roberts

Type 3a hair:  has a loose coil pattern that appears more S pattern or wavy with a curl on the ends.

Example:  Haley Taylor Schlitz

Type 3b hair:  has a tighter coil pattern, about the diameter of a highlighter marker

Example:  Tracee Ellis Ross

Type 3c hair:  has a coil about the diameter of a sharpie. 

Example:  Angela Nissel  

Type 4a hair:  has a coil about the diameter of a pencil. 

Example:  Hana Taylor Schlitz

Type 4b hair:  has a coil about the diameter of a croquet needle.

Example:  Esperanza Spalding

Type 4c hair:  has a very tight coil that may appear more Z pattern.

Example:  Lauryn Hill