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Is That My Inner Voice?

Is That My Inner Voice?

By Myiesha Taylor, M.D.

Myiesha Taylor, M.D.In order to realize your full potential, you have to listen to your inner voice. That "gut feeling" or intuition that we possess guides us to our higher good. Our desires are of the Divine, placed in our hearts to help direct us in the way we should go. When we ignore our desires, and fail to follow the guidance of our intuition, we become frustrated.

My life so far has been an exercise in following the rules. If my mother told me something was good for me, I believed her. I realized that, if I followed the rules, things were good. My mother was always right, and I had a happy life.

This sentiment carried on through college, medical school, and residency. See, as a doctor-in-training, your educational course is all predetermined. If you study, do well on exams, participate in the curriculum, and have a good attitude...you will become a doctor. Once you become a doctor, everything will just "fall into place." Your dream job will appear, and you'll suddenly have everything in life you've ever wanted...or so the fantasy goes.

The thing is, very few of us think about life *beyond* this point - that is, until we get there.

I had a "good job" as an attending physician. Everyone seemed to think it was a very "safe" and respectable job. Many people spent their entire careers there. I was very excited to join this group.

But then, I became frustrated. And I was unsure why. Was it the frequency of my shifts? Maybe I was working too much, I thought. So I cut back.

But that didn't quite do it.

So I decided that my "dream job" would materialize if I went back and obtained more specialized training. I applied for, and got accepted into a medical toxicology program. And, even though I had some reservations...I figured "nothing worth having is easy."

I started the program, and immediately I had the feeling this path was not in line with my heart desires. But, was this feeling a feeling of "laziness" because I didn't want to do the work? Was it a lack of self-confidence that I could complete the program? Was it simply fatigue (after being in school for so long)? Was I worried about money realizing that I'm missing out on the opportunity to do real ER work in lieu of this (low-paying) fellowship?

I didn't want to jump ship prematurely if my feelings of frustration were rooted in my focus on negativity. After all, you cannot simply quit when the going gets tough, or else you will never accomplish anything worthwhile.

So how do we know if the feelings we feel are whisperings from the Universe to our Soul attempting to align us with our greater good, verses just our own human insecurities masquerading as "insight?"

When we are young, these messages are often crossed.  It is indeed difficult to decipher between your ‘inner voice’ and all of the other ‘background noise’ in our heads.  But through life experiences, if we pay attention, we begin to hear the difference between the two. Meditation

Initially, typically in our early to mid 20s, we are unable to hear the Universe talking to us in a whisper.  We continue on our course of action, unable to hear the Universe in the whisper – so the Universe gets louder (as our discontent rise).  And this continues in this way until a hammer comes down on our head (sometimes literally)!  This is the Universe *shouting* at us.  If we take intermittent moments of quiet time to analyze our actions and our lives (success, failures, and all), retrospectively we realize that “that voice” was there all along.  The “lesson” becomes obvious as we replay the events in our lives, and learn from them.

As we become wiser, the Universe doesn’t have to shout as loud for as long.  Something inside of us becomes acutely aware that “our direction is misguided” earlier and we are able to switch course, thereby avoiding the young adult catastrophes we may have endured in our early adult years.  We are able to “hear” the whisperings of the Universe (or at least the soft voices).  These ‘whisperings’ are your inner voices, your Divine energy, that is what you are.

So your challenge is to silent the background noise.  If you are able to let go of the ‘distractions’ and focus on your very essence – the loving energy, the teacher, the peace-maker, and all things good; your life path will become clear, your purpose revealed, and your Soul able to experience the peace and happiness you came here to experience.