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"Do You" Lies And Deceptions.

By Victoria Taylor

Have you ever heard the term “Do You.”  It’s widely used amongst people of all ages. But what people fail to realize is the deception this term upholds.  You cannot be a Christian and “Do You” because Jesus says to deny yourself and follow him.  It is time that we all understand just who is behind “Do You” and why.  It’s time for us to know whose fighting against us.

Do You

You may be saying right now that my life is fine.  I am great.  Sure it looks as if you are winning simply because you have the house, the car, money, your relationship is surviving, and you are smiling.  But are you?

Let me tell you this one thing, Satan is a liar, a deceiver, and he will not stop impressing us until he has all of us wrapped around his finger and on our way to hell.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy you John 10:10.

Still not sure about this?  Well here is a wonderful video that I believe we should all watch to help us understand how he’s the Father of lies and I pray that we are not deceived any longer.

By the way, here is the definition of “Hedonism”: The ethical theory that pleasure is the highest good and proper aim of human life.

Special thanks to The Arrows for writing, producing and releasing this music and video.  You can read more about them by visiting their website The Arrows Band.