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Unplanned Pregnancy

Before you start having sex, you have to consider the possibility of pregnancy, and determine how you feel about abortions (and adoption, vs. being a teen mom).

Pregnancy Test

An abortion is when a physician goes inside of a woman’s uterus early in a pregnancy with an instrument called a curette (which kinda looks like a spoon) attached to a suction, and sorta scrape and suck out the pregnancy contents.  This procedure, like any procedure, can have complications.  The physician may scrape too hard and damage the uterus, so future pregnancies are not possible.  The physician may accidentally poke through the uterine wall, and cause bleeding, and damage the uterus.  This accident may even lead to the loss of the uterus, bleeding, and death.

Abortions can result in infection, excessive bleeding, and are expensive.  Also, finding a reputable place that’s safe and legitimate is important, and that takes research and effort (but is VERY important to do if considering an abortion).  All of this has to be done in a short time, because abortions are safer when done early in the pregnancy.

Finally, getting an abortion is not easy emotionally.  After all, there’s a *future baby* in there.  Arguably it’s “better” for the future baby to not be born to the ‘wrong’ person at the ‘wrong’ time.  But, making the decision to end a pregnancy is not easy, even when a woman is sure about her decision.  You’ll always wonder who that baby would have turned out to be.  You may remember the projected birth date for years (maybe even for the rest of you life).   At some point in the future you may even come across a child who “would have been the same age as yours” and you may wonder if perhaps that little Soul went into that child’s body since you ended your pregnancy.

My point is, an abortion is not something that you do for birth control.  It is not something that is without consequences, and potential complications.