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Going to College?  Yes You Are.

Getting a college degree is important.  People who obtain college degrees make more money over a life-time than those with only a high-school diploma.

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With a college degree, you “bring more to the table” in romantic relationships.  You being educated allows you to participate fully in a relationship.  Being educated makes you more attractive to men who value education, and are more likely to therefore be educated themselves.  More educated men are usually more communicative, rational, and will support you having your own career, opinions, and life goals.  He will more likely have come from a family where education is valued.  This home environment more typically lends itself to more open-mindedness, out of the box thinking, less bigotry, hate, fear, and adherence to dogma.  You will likely be happier with a man with these characteristics.

Probably most importantly, however, is your own education allows you to have more control over you own life.  You will have the ability to get your own job, make your own money, and leave an undesirable home situation if need be.  You won’t have to ask permission as frequently.  You will feel like you have a voice in your marriage, your parenting, and your life.  You will be a good example to your children of a strong, self-sufficient woman that has *chosen* to participate in married/family life, and not a woman who is stuck there.

With the right man, you will be less likely to have to deal with domestic violence, drug addition problems, gambling, and other vices that destroy lives.  And if you happen to find yourself in one of these relationships, you’ll have a means to escape the situation.

With your own education, you can contribute meaningfully in the world.  Sure there are those who are outstanding without advanced degrees, but they are the exception.  To be a teacher, a doctor, architect, even a fashion designer, performer, or an artist, advanced training is beneficial (and even required).

From the ages of 18-22 years old most people aren’t doing much of anything, really.  Working at some entry level position (with no prospect of ever really advancing because advancement requires an advanced degree) for little money.  You could be DONE with college AND graduate school by age 26 – just in time to really start your adult life.  College is like a transition period from childhood to adulthood.  It’s like going into the pool down the steps on the shallow end.  And, when you are ready, you will be out, working at non-entry level positions, doing less physical work (but more mental work) for more Xavier University New Orleansmoney.  Work less, more money, is a good deal.

Keep in mind college is very fun.  It’s not like K-12.  You pick your classes, their times, the instructors.  You go only 2 or 3 times a week.  There's lots of “free time” to socialize and still do well on the exams.  While you’re in school everyone things very highly of you.  Your parents support you.  And you get to relax and learn.  It’s not like high-school at all.  Its much, much better.  And anyone who really wants to go to college, can go.

There are junior colleges, which are less expensive, and can set you up to transfer to a 4-year university.  But preferably, you go to a 4-year university from the beginning.  There’s always colleges that will take you, and there are plenty of scholarships and grants/loans that make college doable for most.  Of course, the caliber of the college, the amount of the scholarship, and the major areas of study available to you are affected by your high-school grades (starting at 9th grade) and your extracurricular activities, SAT scores, and letters of recommendation.

Going to college is a great decision, and should be a high consideration for every young woman who desires to enter into adulthood equipped with all the necessary tools for maximal success!!