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People who have active social circles and close relationships are happier, healthier, and live longer.  But sometimes, it seems like they just suck the life out of you!

Mother-Daughter Relationships - are among the most complicated.  To see a thriving, functional, mutually beneficial mother-daughter relationship is not nearly as common as you might think.

Romantic Relationship - are also complicated.  Choosing the right partner should not be solely based on emotions.  Why would you choose the most important business partner of your life based on superficial qualities like physical attraction or fluttering hearts?  While chemistry and love are indeed important, it is important to not be blinded by more substantial evidence that this partner is good for you.

Finding a "good man." Many women of color limit their search for a soul-mate to men with brown skin.  Why not expand?  There are billions of people in the world, all you're looking for is one match!  Online dating is a fantastic tool to help expand your search beyond the people you run into everyday.  AND, it allows you to screen more men (in minutes) than would be possible in years of dating.