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Parabens and BPA prevent breast cancer treatment from working!

(Another) New study finds major problems with BPA and parabens! In addition to being linked with breast cancer, this study demonstrates an association between their presence and decrease in the effectiveness in breast cancer treatment drugs! 

These chemicals are NO GOOD.  BPA is ubiquitous!  It's on money (dollar bills), it's in canned foods, lines soda pop cans, in plastic...and the list goes on!  And parabens are preservatives commonly used in cosmetics.  Just read the label of your favorite lotion on store shelves. They are in everything!

Point:  Try to decrease your exposure to these chemicals by opting for more organic and BPA/paraben-free cosmetics, don't heat your food in plastic containers, use styroform "dishes" and avoid drinking canned soda or eating canned foods.