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HPV Vaccine (almost) *forced* upon young girls so Merck can make more money

I am not "anti-vaccination" but...

…I am tired of this massive human medical experiment that is the current vaccination schedule.

Mandated (or even the suggestion of mandating) HPV vaccine (Gardisil) is horrible!

And it is of no consolation that the big, corporate, politically savvy "physician" groups advocate for whatever is trendy and new (such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Cancer Society).  Most of these groups are schizophrenic, changing their "current recommendations and guidelines" with the appearance of every new drug or vaccine in an attempt to appear relevant and up-to-date.  But the reality is, most of what the drug companies, 'physician' groups, and other *physician-patient relationship invaders* are recommending is not good medicine.

If a mother/daughter *wants* to get the HPV vaccine (after informed consent), that's fine.  But to *mandate* injections for STDs?  Really?  Most of us have never, and will never, have an STD.  AND, of all the STDs to get...at least HPV has a cure (even if that means removing the cervix/uterus after close surveillance over years).  HPV doesn't prevent pregnancy/delivery.  And, EVEN IF a woman was to get HPV...it takes years for the development of cancer.  AND long before that...a pap smear would allow for early diagnosis and treatment.

Having sex at 11, 12, 13?  The last thing we should be concerned about is HPV.  HIV, Hep B, Hep C, syphilis all lead to increased morbidity and mortality.  Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can lead to infertility.  Not to mention to social/psychological implications of having sex at these ages...

And I won't even touch on the amount of money to be made by Merck and the kick-backs and contributions bestowed upon politicians and decision makers who play ball with Big PhRMA.  AND I also won't go into possible severe adverse reactions (no matter how small the chance, if it happens to your daughter, the chance is 100%).

My daughters will NOT be getting this vaccine.  Teaching them to value themselves, respect their bodies, keep their legs closed and their panties up, is a much better technique overall to prevent ALL STDs, and unwanted pregnancy.