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Our Toxic World

All around us chemicals are being produced.  Some of these chemicals are vital to our safety.  They are components of our medication, they treat our drinking water to make it safe to ingest.  Chemical are used to construct plastic, which is used in numerous purposes to enhance our lives.  Additionally, chemicals are used to synthesize many of the cosmetics we use daily to keep ourselves presentable to society and feeling healthy and beautiful.

Danger Hazardous Chemicals

However, many of the chemicals that are common components of cosmetics are either suspected or known to be very dangerous to humans.  The FDA’s authority over cosmetics is different from other products; therefore cosmetics are not subject to premarket FDA approval.  Cosmetic firms police themselves, and product recalls are voluntary as the FDA has no authority to mandate a recall.  This means, there are many cosmetics on the store shelves that are potentially dangerous as preemptive safety measures are non-existent. And even when discovered to be dangerous, remain on store shelves until public outrage causes a decrease in sales, at which time the cosmetic firm may simply repackage the same formula as “new and improved.”  Simply substituting one dangerous chemical for a more dangerous chemical.

The FDA does have some stipulations of the type of labeling a cosmetic should have, and has a list of certain chemicals that are known to be very dangerous and their use is prohibited; however, “manufacturers are not required to register their cosmetic establishments, file data on ingredients, or report cosmetic-related injuries to FDA.”  So it is impossible to know what is safe, and what is not safe, by simply relying on the FDA or the manufacturers’ data.

As you begin this life-long evolution into who you are (and will become), it's important to maintain your health and sanity.  To do this, you really need to consider the fact that everything you put onto your skin, into your hair, on to your lips, and under your arms, has the potential to penetrate your skin and enter into your body.  If these products are safe, you have less to worry about.  BUT, most of the products on store shelves contain very dangerous ingredients that can cause bad things to happen to your body.  Obesity (becoming fat), acne (bumps on your face), and depression (becoming sad), are all potential problems with using these products.

Now is the time to recognize the dangers of using these products, and find safe alternatives .

To ensure your safety, it is important to be a vigilant, informed consumer.  There is no organization, government, or agency protecting you.  This website is a step to help begin the journey from uninformed and vulnerable to educated and empowered.

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