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EMF Radiation

Most people won't dispute the fact that our world is becoming more populated and complicated.  Coupled with this growth, in both population and technology, is the rising concern of dealing with more unfamiliar forms of waste and human by-products.

EMF Radiation

Take for instance the concept of electromagnetic pollution.  We now know that the electromagnetic

radiation emitted by many of our commonly used 'technological advancement tools' can be very damaging to our health.  Cell phones applied to the brains of rats cause neuron damage (brain damage).  We know that radar guns used by cops that are allowed to sit on their testicles for hours at a time, are associated with testicular cancer.  There are studies that support the possibility that EMF contribute to higher miscarriage rates

What causes EMF?

Just about everything you can plug in has with it an associated EMF.  The hair drier, the cordless

What does all of this mean?

It means that we have to become more vigilant in monitoring our own environment and toxic exposures.  If we can avoid inadvertently slathering on tons of nano-particles and 1,4-dioxanes; and perhaps use a wired ear piece to talk on our cell phones instead of holding a complicated technologic device to our skulls, we may be able to decrease our toxic exposure to within a tolerable level whereby our own detoxifying bodily systems are able to deal.