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Toxicology and Cosmetics

"The dose makes the poison." - Paracelsus

This is indeed true.  Even water, in high enough quantities, will kill us.  So it's not a wonder to realize that repeat application of even small amounts of toxic cosmetics to our skin and hair can bioaccumulate and eventually reach a level of "poison."

Many of us trust that our government somehow regulates our toxic exposure by monitoring the safety of cosmetics via the FDA.  However, the FDA essentially has no authority over cosmetics.  As a result, massive amounts of toxic ingredients are being used in the composition of many of the popular shelf items we rely on.  And as our beauty regimens become more complicated (with more products promising more results), our exposure to small amounts of dangerous chemicals increase.  The average woman uses more than 15 different products each day.  And many of us use more than that, multiple times a day.  We slather over 7 products on to our newborn babies each day.  Never really considering that we may be contributing to the neurologic and behavioral problems that plague our society today.

Individually, these companies, while acknowledging at times that some of their ingredients may be questionable; defend themselves by professing that the quantity is too small to be significant.  But each exposure to harmful chemicals (in various products, multiple times each day) is cumulative, and together they add up to massive exposure potential, and big trouble.

Most of the harmful ingredients in cosmetics do not contribute at all to their overall effectiveness.  Actually, many additives are just cheap knock-offs of the *natural* substances that have worked wonders for people for generations.  Other additives are preservatives to extend the product's shelf life.  Still others are added to make the product "smell like roses" or have a certain color, texture, or lathering property.  For this reason, using organic products is not typically associated with a decrease in effectiveness.  On the contrary, in the absence of the unnecessary components, we often discover that the products are *more* effective!  AND, we realize that the rash, or allergies, or headaches, the fibromyalgias, depression, ADHD, and infertility that we suffered with...resolve!!