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Increase Your Fertility

Are you trying to conceive, but it’s taking longer than anticipated?  Well we have a few suggestions on how you can help things along.

Increase your fertility

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If you are planning to become pregnant in the near future, it is important to be vigilant about what goes into, and on to, your body and hair. 

Our environment has become increasingly polluted.  Much of our toxic exposure is beyond our control.  But a significant portion is directly under our control. 

When you start thinking about seriously considering pregnancy, start taking prenatal pills.  Sometimes is very difficult to tolerate prenatal pills early in pregnancy (due to morning sickness).  If you start early, even before conception, you will not have to deplete your natural stores of necessary micronutrients at the beginning as the baby draws from your bones and tissues the elements he/she needs to grow.

Drink plenty of water. When your body is well-hydrated, your bodily systems work better (including your reproductive system).

Stop smoking. Not only does smoking cause your blood pressure to rise, your oxygenation to decline, your carbon monoxide to increase, and your lungs to work sub-optimally.  Smoking decreases the brushing action of cilia (hair cells) in your trachea, preventing them from being able to clear your airway of secretions (without this brushing by the cilia, the only way for smokers to clear their airway of mucous is to cough).  Well, smoking  prevents the tracheal cilia from brushing, wouldn’t it make sense that those same chemicals would have the same effect on the cilia in your fallopian tubes that’s responsible for pushing the egg from the ovary to the uterus?

Limit your alcohol intake.  If you drink too much, the liver becomes overtaxed trying to detoxify the ethanol (alcohol).  You do not want to tax your liver because you really need it to sustain a pregnancy.  Also, we as a society now know that ethanol ingestion during pregnancy can cause many developmental abnormalities, including mental retardation.  So getting pregnant, then over-indulging in alcohol is very risky and should be avoided.

Decrease the amount of toxins you put onto your body, into your body, and onto your hair.  Many of these toxins are hormone disruptors which can certainly impede pregnancy success.  Even if you manage to get pregnant, fetal exposure to these various toxins can cause developmental delay in the fetus.

Don’t under-estimate the power of stress. In order to become pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy, progesterone is necessary.  Many women in our society have decreased progesterone levels.   When you are stressed out (whether it’s because of work issues, or infertility issues), your adrenal glands make cortisol from progesterone precursors.  Meaning, that the building blocks used to make progesterone (and other reproductive hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA) are further diminished when you’re under stress because those building blocks are used to make cortisol instead.  Without adequate levels of reproductive hormones, you will not get pregnant.

Low progesterone levels are a major contributor to infertility and miscarriages.  Without progesterone, the uterus cannot “hold on” to an embryo and the embryo cannot grow.   Decreasing your stress level allows your adrenals to make the required hormones to become pregnant, and sustain a pregnancy.

Have a positive attitude. Being angry at your friends who have beautiful bouncing babies is not going to make you feel better, her feel better, or get you pregnant faster.  On the contrary, the jealously and anger will set up shop inside of your heart, and the result is both a spiritual down-grading, and a physician stress response.  Both will hinder your efforts to get pregnant.

Create an inviting environment for a baby.  We are all acutely aware that many babies are born to parents who are the opposite of Zen, inviting, and clutter-free.  But this is not the ideal situation, and this may not be your experience.  Like anything in life, achieving your goals requires focus, the right attitude, and a receiving heart.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Staying up all night (working or otherwise) adversely affects your hormone levels, and therefore your ability to conceive.

The common theme here is, decrease your toxic load, and maximize your body's ability to detoxify.  Doing this may mean the difference between a healthy pregnancy, and life-long infertility.